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  • Dirty bins can be dangerous for anyone with underlying medical conditions and can be harmful to children, older adults, pregnant women and pets.  Dirty bins are a perfect breeding ground for disease causing bacteria which multiply at an alarming rate in a dirty bin and can be carried unknowingly from the garbage bin to your kitchen without your knowledge. Clean, disinfected and deodorized bins deal with this problem each time the bin is cleaned.
  • Dirty bins are a breeding ground for maggots, attract wasps, flies, rodents, raccoons, bears and other critters. Clean bins deal with these issues.
  • Dirty bins smell terrible and are offensive to you, your family and your neighbours. Clean bins smell fresh and great!

You can order up by clicking on the ORDER NOW box on our website or by calling us at 306-570-2732

After you have ordered online or over the phone you will receive a confirmation email from BinSpa. We will then clean your bin/s the next time we are in your neighbourhood during the City garbage, recycling or organics pick up day.

Yes we can.  Just call us and we will arrange to clean, disinfect and deodorize your recycling bins on a schedule that meets your needs.

Let Bin Spa take care of the inconvenience of cleaning your dirty, stinky bins for you. We recycle our water and therefore use significantly far less water and do not put the contaminated water into the storm sewer (so we keep the contaminated water out of our natural waters) and we do not leave ugly stains behind. We come rain or shine and are a cost-effective method of dealing with a terrible job that no one really wants to do.

We recommend every 4 weeks to stay on top of the odours and bacteria, however you can clean them every 6 or 8 weeks depending on your own comfort levels.

Our prices vary depending on how many bins you are having cleaned during trip.

At Bin Spa our customers always come first!  Our customers can rest assured that our custom mobile cleaning system is completely self-contained and filters and recycles the water we use so we do not put any contaminated water into local storm drains. We wash your bins with Ultra Hot (145 – 150 Degrees Fahrenheit) water which is far more effective than cold water washing.

No, all you need to do is leave your bins out until 8:00 pm after your regular garbage collection and we will do the rest. When you come to collect your bins they will be CLEANED, DISINFECTED and DEODORIZED.

No, we are not a franchise. We are a locally owned and operated Saskatchewan company that is offering franchises to others across Canada who wish to run their own business.  

Absolutely you can terminate your service. At Bin Spa you come first if you need to take a break from our services (whatever the reason) you can do so. All we request is that you give us 7 days notice of your intention to suspend our services.

Yes you can.  Everyone is able to place their services on hold for as long as they need to.  All we request is that you give us 30 days notice of your request to hold our services and that you let us know how long you need your services placed on hold.

Just call us and we will try our best to come and wash your bin as soon as we can. We would just ask that you not put any garbage, compost or recycling in your bin until we are able to come and clean your bins.

All you need to do is call us if there is a problem and we will fix it to the best of our ability. At Bin Spa our customers come first.

As a random act of kindness, we’ll occasionally clean all of the trash cans in a particular area free of charge. If you wish to continue with our service, simply sign up online. You will not be charged for this first complementary trash bin cleaning. If you do not wish to use our service, please accept the free clean on us, and remember that the next time your trash can needs cleaning, just call BinSpa.

You can cancel at any time! If the service is cancelled before any cleaning services were provided, the customer will be charged a $35.00 cancellation fee.

No worries! We will simply reschedule and arrange a new cleaning date.

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